Wedding Session in the Tatra Mountains: Discover the Beauty of Wedding Photography in the Mountains

As an opportunity to immortalize special moments, a wedding outdoor ceremony takes on an extraordinary dimension when it takes place in the heart of the picturesque Tatra Mountains. It’s not just a photographic journey, but an authentic experience that becomes an unforgettable moment in any couple’s history. Through this article, I want to draw you into the fascinating world of wedding sessions in the mountains, where each frame becomes a story of love and beauty, and each photo is a unique piece of this unique adventure. Discover why this photographic journey is not only a record of memories, but also a chance to capture the unique atmosphere offered by the mountain landscapes of the Tatra Mountains.

Photographer Zakopane

1. how to prepare for wedding photos in cucumbers?

Photographer Zakopane

Before going to a session in the Tatra Mountains, there are many issues to consider. When planning such photos in the mountains, it is worth looking at details such as choosing the right clothing, logistical preparation and finding the perfect location. The Slovak and Polish Tatra Mountains offer countless beautiful locations, so proper preparation will help you make the most of your session time to enjoy the magnificent views and capture special moments. So what is the best way to prepare for a wedding session in the Tatra Mountains?

A wedding session in Zakopane may require some special preparations. While you don’t necessarily need to take specialized mountaineering equipment with you, it is worth paying attention to certain details – for example, the right footwear, especially mountain boots, can make moving through mountainous terrain much easier.

When choosing a location for an outdoor event, it is important to consider whether you want to cover a certain distance on foot. The locations I mention below vary in terms of accessibility. Those choosing a place that can be reached by car and does not require hiking on Tatra trails may not need any special preparation.

Of course, before any session, whether in the mountains or on flat terrain, it’s a good idea to make sure you look your best in the photos. In the rest of this post you will find information about makeup and hairdressing professionals in Zakopane – if you feel like making an appointment to see them before your session, I highly recommend reading the article to the end.

Here are some tips for brides and grooms going for a wedding session in the Tatra Mountains:

  • Dress appropriately for the conditions (remembering, above all, proper footwear!).
  • Always carry a bottle of mineral water and something to eat
  • Trust the photographer – sometimes the location of the session has to be changed at the last minute due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our control.
  • Get the right makeup and hairstyle – weather conditions (especially wind) can make little remain of a precisely styled hairstyle 🙂
  • Set yourself up for a good time – don’t stress about not looking “photogenic.” The photographer can make anyone look great in the pictures 🙂 “

2. photographer Zakopane – idea of a wedding open air in the Tatra Mountains.

Photographer Zakopane

We are finally getting to the point in the article where I will recommend to you some specific locations where I most often photograph. I also believe that these are the best places for a wedding session in the Zakopane area.

Photoshoot on Kasprowy Wierch

Photographer Zakopane

The first place I love is, of course, the “holy mountain of wedding photographers,” namely Kasprowy Wierch. It is by far the most famous vantage point, and also the peak that is most easily reached thanks to the railroad that runs there. In just a few tens of minutes, we can reach the middle of the Tatra peaks. It is worth mentioning that during the peak summer tourist season, the hours of the cable car are adjusted to be able to see the sunset at the top of Kasprowy WIerch. It is even an ideal opportunity to do a wedding session there.

Photoshoot on Rusinowa Polana

Photographer Zakopane

One of my favorite places in the Tatra Mountains. A photo session at Rusinowa Polana is probably the most popular option among the brides and grooms I photograph. I am not at all surprised because, after all, it is a unique place in the mountains. Just 50 minutes of very easy walking is enough to enjoy exceptional views. What I particularly like about photographing right here in the mountains is the unique variety of frames I can take. Of course, most often I focus on the bride and groom against the backdrop of the mountains, but turning to one side or the other, I have the opportunity to capture in the background a beautiful forest or one of the huts located on Rusinowa Glade.

Wedding session at the Hala Gąsienicowa and the Black Pond of the Caterpillars

Photographer Zakopane

Another place where the view of the Tatra Mountains is incredible is Hala Gąsienicowa. Of course, being there, it would be a sin not to take advantage of the opportunities offered by one of the prettiest Tatra lakes – the Black Caterpillar Pond. Therefore, it is very common to combine the two locations in one session. I love taking photos at Hala Gąsienicowa especially in the autumn months. Especially beautiful then is the vegetation, which, along with the panorama of the peaks, looks insane. Instead, a wedding session at the Black Caterpillar Pond is an excellent alternative to the very touristy, and in my opinion overrated, Morskie Oko.

Wedding plein air with a view of the Tatra Mountains

Photographer Zakopane

People who don’t necessarily want or can’t afford to hassle their way through the Tatra trails will probably be interested in places that don’t require effort to get to. These are places that are approached directly by car. In the Podhale region, of course, there is no shortage of such places. I would especially like to recommend these special places:

View of the Tatra Mountains from Łapszanka

Zdiar town in Slovakia

Panorama of the Tatra Mountains in Ząb

View of the mountains from Dursztyn

Beautiful views from the top of Mount Wdżar in Kluszkowce

I guarantee you that in any of these locations you will find the most beautiful view you have seen in Poland 🙂

Wedding session in the Tatra valleys

Photographer Zakopane

I love shooting in the valleys, although I make no secret of the fact that it requires me to be more sensitive to the light, which can play tricks on some inexperienced wedding photographers. To do a wedding session in the Tatra Mountains, and especially going to the valleys, you need to take into account that the sunrise may not look quite right at the hour the internet suggests 🙂 It happens that the sun rises a few tens of minutes later than expected, and sets much earlier than outside the valley. Ideal examples are Chocholowska Valley or Strążyska Valley, where wedding photos should start much earlier (in the case of sunset), or much later (In the case of sunrise). That doesn’t change the fact that once you manage to shoot in the light, it looks phenomenal.

3rd Wedding Session in the Tatra National Park

Photographer Zakopane

The Tatra Mountains are not only impressive peaks, but also picturesque valleys, lakes and mountain trails. When going for a wedding session in the Tatra Mountains, it is worth noting whether we will be photographing in the Tatra National Park. If we will actually be in the park it is mandatory to purchase a photography permit, the price of which is PLN 150. Well, unless the session will take place in the Slovak Tatra Mountains 🙂 Request for permission should be sent in advance. You will find all the information you need at

4. wedding session in the Tatra Mountains price

Photographer Zakopane

A professional wedding photographer can advise on the best locations and advise on how to prepare for a session in the mountains. The costs associated with such a session may vary, but the investment in unforgettable memories from a wedding session in the Tatra Mountains is certainly worthwhile. If you have a desire for me to be the one to take wedding photos for you in the mountains and receive breathtaking images, then I direct you to the article where I describe how it looks like for me to take such photos. In addition to sample photos and a description of each location, the link also lists the session fee. I highly encourage you to browse through this offer because it’s really worth it to opt for a wedding outdoor in the mountains 🙂

When organizing a wedding session in the Tatra Mountains, it is advisable to consult with an experienced photographer who knows the area and how to use its beauty in pictures. It is also important to prepare properly for the session – choosing closet, accessories and makeup that will harmonize with the natural mountain environment.
The most beautiful places in the Tatra Mountains for a wedding session include. Koscieliska Valley, Chocholowska Valley, Kasprowy Wierch, Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy or Rusinowa Glade. These places offer beautiful views with which to decorate your photographs.
It is also worth paying attention to the weather conditions during the session, as the weather in the mountains can be capricious.

A wedding session in the Tatra Mountains can take place on both sunny and rainy days, and even during a snowstorm, which creates a unique and inimitable backdrop for photos.
A wedding session in the Tatra Mountains can be an unforgettable experience for the newlyweds, and the unique mountain environment will allow you to capture love in extraordinary frames.

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