Wedding session in the Tatra Mountains

Hello! I am glad that you paid attention to my offer for outdoor photoshoot in the Tatra Mountains. I understand that, hoping for a session, you expect a suggestion for the perfect location from the photographer. I have created a special guide for you – in it you will find suggestions of places for a wedding session, as well as tips on where to stay for the night in pleasant conditions, where to do makeup and other valuable information.


sesja slubna w gorach

Photoshoot on Rusinowa Polana

A photoshoot in Rusinowa Polana is undoubtedly a unique experience. By choosing this picturesque location, you have the chance to capture your moments surrounded by breathtaking nature. The session takes about 4 hours, including the walking time, which is about 1 hour – fortunately, it is a very easy trail. I take the most beautiful shots just after sunrise or before sunset, when the light is perfect for portraits.

On my part, you will receive from 50 to 100 carefully processed photos in full resolution. All photographs will be placed in an online gallery, prepared especially for you. Importantly, the price of the session includes a permit to photograph in the Tatra National Park, valued at 150 PLN. I look forward to seeing you at this special place!


Photoshoot on Kasprowy Wierch

Photoshoot on Kasprowy Wierch

A wedding session on Kasprowy Wierch is an extraordinary experience and an opportunity to immortalize your love against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Poland. The entire session, including getting to the top, takes about four hours. I prefer shooting in the morning or afternoon, when the light is most favorable. You can check the railroad’s specific schedule and current price list at https://www.pkl.pl/kasprowy-wierch/kasprowy.html. I guarantee the delivery of 50 to 100 professionally processed photos in full resolution. Your memories will be beautifully presented in an online gallery dedicated to you. In addition, the price already includes a 150zl photography permit for the Tatra National Park. I invite you to an unforgettable session in the heart of the Tatra Mountains!


Session overlooking the Tatra Mountains

Wedding session with a view of the Tatra Mountains

A Wedding session with a view of the Tatra Mountains is for those who dream of picturesque landscapes, but prefer convenience and easy access. The entire session, including getting to the location of our choice, takes about 2 hours. Importantly, we get there directly by car, so we don’t have to waste time hiking mountain trails. You will receive from me 50 to 100 carefully processed images in full resolution, which will be presented in an online gallery dedicated to you. I always choose the location of the session taking into account the current weather conditions, so that you can enjoy the pristine backdrop that is the majestic Tatra Mountains. I invite you to capture your love in an amazing environment!


Chocholowska Valley wedding session

Wedding session in Chocholowska Valley

A wedding session in the Chocholowska Valley is an excellent choice for couples wishing to immortalize their love in the heart of the Tatra Mountains. The entire session, including the commute and the valley walk, will take about 3 hours. We meet at the parking lot just before the entrance to Chocholowska Valley, from where we go together by my car. The best time to take photos is about 30 minutes after sunrise or just before sunset. This allows us to benefit from excellent soft light and avoid crowds of tourists, making our session more intimate and peaceful. I will prepare for you 50 to 100 carefully processed images in full resolution, which you will find in an online gallery specially prepared for you. I invite you to stop the moments in one of the most beautiful corners of the Polish Tatra Mountains!


Wedding Photographer New Market

Wedding session in Slovakia

A wedding session in Slovakia with the fairy-tale backdrop of the Tatra Mountains is a unique way to capture your moments together. The total session time, including travel, is about 3 hours. We meet at an agreed location, from where we travel together to the location with my car. The ideal time to take photos is either in the early morning hours, when the sun is just rising, or just before it sets. I personally recommend the latter time – the light is most picturesque then and adds a unique, warm character to the photos. For you, I will select 50 to 100 perfectly processed photos in the highest quality, which I will post in an online gallery created especially for you. This is an unforgettable opportunity to capture your love against the backdrop of the majestic Tatra Mountains, but this time from the perspective of our southern neighbors. I invite you to join me on an adventure across the border!


How to prepare for a wedding session in the Tatra Mountains?

The Tatra Mountains are one of the most picturesque places in Poland, perfect for a wedding session. Majestic peaks, crystal clear streams and a unique atmosphere make the photos from this region stunning with a unique atmosphere. Nevertheless, a session in the Tatra Mountains requires some preparation. You don’t need to know climbing techniques, but a few tips are worth keeping in mind.


When deciding on a session location, consider how much you want to walk. Locations in the Tatra Mountains range from those accessible by car to more remote corners that require climbing. If you decide to have a photoshoot in an easily accessible place, you do not need special preparation. However, it is important to remember to be comfortable – good trekking boots are a must!

Useful tips for couples choosing a Tatra photoshoot.

Match the clothing to the conditions – Especially remember to wear appropriate footwear that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t forget drinks and snacks – You can get dehydrated quickly in the mountains, so a bottle of water is a must. Small snacks will also come in handy.

Trust a professional – Sometimes weather or other factors can thwart original plans. Let yourself be guided by a photographer who knows the best place to be at any given time.

Makeup and hairstyle – The Tatra wind can be capricious. Choose makeup and hairstyle that will last and not be damaged by unforeseen conditions.

Relax and have fun – A wedding session is not an exam. Relax, laugh and have fun. A professional photographer will make any person, even the most “unphotogenic”, look great in the photos 🙂

Remember, a wedding session is not only a souvenir, but most of all a good time and moments worth immortalizing in the extraordinary surroundings of the Tatra Mountains. Fall in love with them all over again during your photoshoot!