There are moments in everyone’s life when we need a break from our daily responsibilities. Some choose physical activity, while others indulge their passion for reading or handicrafts. Me? Even in my free time, I rarely part with my camera. I am passionate about photographing a variety of moments and not only those related to my profession. I have created this blog to regularly share with you my THINKING about wedding topics, AND posts showing what my life is like outside of work. I want this blog to become a place where you can find not only my personal photographs, but also tutorials and tips related to wedding photography. I plan to add articles that will help you prepare for your big day. Whether it’s about organization, choice of venue, or other aspects, I hope you find my advice helpful. I create all this with you in mind – future clients and photography enthusiasts. Sometimes inspiration comes to me unexpectedly, so I will also post here texts written spontaneously, which I hope will inspire you.