Wedding in a hotel in Zakopane

Hotel in Zakopane as an ideal wedding venue – secrets of a wedding photographer and why I will show you today Hotel Aries

Over the years of working as a wedding photographer, I have traveled many corners of Poland. Nevertheless, the Podhale has always been a special place that offers unique scenery and atmosphere. The Aries Hotel in Zakopane is one of those places that exceptionally caught my eye. Is it a magical place perfect for a wedding? Let me share with you my observations using Marta and Luke’s photos as an example.

The unique interiors and details of the Aries Hotel

Every photographer is looking for unique locations to capture the unique atmosphere of the day. The Aries Hotel, with its rich interiors and unique details, offers endless creative possibilities. Every room, every corner of this hotel, has something that makes the pictures gain depth. Whether it’s old wooden beams, artistically decorated mirrors or subtle highland motifs, it all creates a unique backdrop for photos. During Marta and Luke’s wedding at the Aries Hotel, I had the opportunity to capture many moments during Marta and Luke’s wedding preparations.

View of the Tatra Mountains

Zakopane is famous for its incredible mountain views. As a photographer, I appreciate such backgrounds that add a romantic touch to the photos. The bride and groom against the backdrop of the majestic Tatra Mountains – this is an image that remains in the memory forever.

Wedding in a mountain climate

The mountains add charm to any event. But the wedding? It’s a moment that becomes even more magical. Zakopane traditions, highland music, local dishes – all create an unforgettable atmosphere. And Hotel Aries perfectly combines these traditions with modernity. At Martha and Luke’s house, the Gooroleska band played, and as usual provided an excellent musical setting.

Wedding in a hotel in Zakopane – delicious menu

Food plays a key role at a wedding. And in Zakopane, you can enjoy traditional highland food that delights every visitor. At the Aries Hotel, dishes are prepared with local products, which adds to their unique flavor. As a photographer, I had the opportunity to try them on my own palate. And believe me, it’s an experience worth having. Those who have been to Aries know 🙂

Energetic wedding:

Weddings are not only moments of emotion, but also incredible fun. And at the Aries Hotel, thanks to its spacious ballroom and great acoustics, the party lasts until dawn. At the wedding I’m showing you today, the guests danced non-stop, and I had my hands full capturing every moment. Check out the pictures!

Photographer Zakopane

Zakopane is not only mountains and traditions. It’s also a place where you can enjoy many activities. Whether it’s the pool, the spa, or romantic walks, it all adds to the charm of the place. And for brides and grooms, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend their wedding weekend here. So if you are such a couple then be sure to email me to arrange a date for a wedding session in Zakopane! You can write directly to email – or through the contact form, which you can reach by clicking the button below.

When I think of the perfect place for a wedding in the mountains, the Aries Hotel in Zakopane comes to mind. It’s a place that combines tradition with modernity, while offering amazing views and a great atmosphere. As a wedding photographer, I always recommend this venue to couples who want their wedding to be truly special.

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