Climatic wedding venues in Zakopane

Choosing the right venue for a wedding reception is one of the key and most complicated decisions facing brides planning their wedding and reception. This decision may apply to the wedding venues, but also to the inn or hotel where they ultimately decide to hold their important day. It must be admitted that the market offering this type of service is now very rich and diverse, and the level of services provided is constantly increasing, which makes this choice not the easiest one. Personally, I have never envied my clients this choice, realizing the difficulties it brings.

So I decided to search through my archival photo resources, delve into my memories and recall which wedding venues in Podhale deserve special attention, so that I can then share this information with you. I would like to emphasize that the order in which I present these places is completely random and does not reflect my subjective assessment – in my eyes, each of them is unique and deserves recognition.

In writing this text, I rely not only on my own experiences and observations, but also on the opinions and impressions of brides and grooms with whom I have had the pleasure of working over the years. I would like to divide this text into several categories that will make it easier for you to find and choose that one, dream wedding venue in Podhale that will meet all your expectations and dreams for this special day.

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Wedding venues in Zakopane and surroundings

As you search for the perfect place to hold your wedding ceremony in the picturesque Podhale region, you will quickly notice that wedding venues offer variety when it comes to their decor and overall style. When mentioning a wedding venues located in Podhale, many of us automatically think of distinctive wooden inns, which is definitely an apt association. This is because the region is famous for such facilities, and holding a wedding in an inn is one of the most common solutions chosen by brides and grooms.

However, it is worth noting that Podhale is a region full of diversity and opportunities, offering much more than just inns. For those who wish to hold their wedding reception in a more modern setting, hotels and elegant wedding venues are available. This means that regardless of personal preferences and vision for that special day, there is something for everyone. Podhale encourages you to explore and discover its charms, and choosing a venue for your wedding can become a fascinating adventure, which will result in finding the perfect venue that meets all your expectations.

Wedding in a mountain inn

A wedding and reception in Podhale is often the choice of an atmospheric celebration in one of the numerous inns, and such a choice is truly excellent! The region boasts a plethora of places that perfectly capture the atmosphere of the majestic Tatra Mountains and the local culture of Podhale. From my extensive professional experience, most wedding ceremonies held in wooden mountain inns take the form of traditional highland weddings. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this trend is now changing.

Increasingly, people from all corners of Poland, living far from Zakopane and its environs on a daily basis, are choosing to have their wedding and reception in an authentic highland inn. This proves the uniqueness and unique charm of such places. Below I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite inns that are sure to please you and make your wedding truly special.

I invite you to discover the charms of Podhale, where tradition meets modernity, and the local climate makes every wedding an unforgettable experience. These wooden mountain inns are often true architectural gems, and their unique character makes them the perfect place to host a dream wedding. So it’s worth considering this option, no matter where you’re from or what your expectations are for your special day. The Podhale region really has a lot to offer, and a wedding at an inn is an option that is sure to delight you and your guests.

1. Tatra Forest

Małe Ciche

Karczma Tatrzański Bór
Tatra Forest

“Tatra Gor” is a jewel of wedding architecture, hidden in the heart of Podhale, which delights with its location among picturesque landscapes. The venue is wrapped in green forests and mountainous aura, making it an oasis of calm for lovers wishing to get married in harmony with nature. Elegantly decorated interiors, which are dominated by natural materials, create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. The cuisine of the “Tatra Bor” is famous for its culinary masterpieces, which are the quintessence of local traditions, prepared by master chefs with many years of experience. Meanwhile, a caring team of employees ensures that every element of the celebration is worked to perfection, ensuring that the wedding day will remain in the memory of guests as a special and seamless moment.

Number of guests: up to 320

Web address:

2. the Mlyniska Inn


Zakopane Mills
Giewont view
Mlyniska Inn
Mlyniska wedding

The Mill Inn has a special place in my heart – and the reasons are at least several. First of all, I had the opportunity to work with fantastic brides and grooms here, which made every photo session a real pleasure, and the fun at these weddings – simply unforgettable.

The second reason for my fondness for this place has to do with the atmosphere, which enchants me every time I cross the threshold of Mlyniska. This feeling of “mountain spirit”, which is so clearly present here, is enhanced by the warm atmosphere created by the crew and owners. Their openness, cordiality and readiness to help make everyone feel at home here.

My experience tells me that no matter what type of wedding I’ve photographed here – from loud highland feasts to intimate receptions with loved ones – the Mlyniska Inn invariably looks great, no matter the circumstances. Whether it is a reception held in its interiors or a wedding held in a garden overlooking Giewont, the bride and groom and their guests are always fully satisfied.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Mill Inn as a wedding venue – not only from the perspective of a photographer who appreciates great shooting conditions, but also as a guest who appreciates the unique atmosphere and hospitality.

Number of people: up to 350


3. Ziębówka Restaurant


Ziębowka Restaurant
Ziębówka wedding
Ziębówka Koscielisko

Ziębówka, located just about 10 minutes from Zakopane, is an inn that certainly attracts attention with its unique character. This venue is synonymous with rustic and boho style, while offering a unique location for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

The terrace here is a real gem – perfectly lit, perfect not only for the nuptials, but also for the start of the outdoor wedding dances. Ziebowka has an unusual, warm and cozy atmosphere, which makes the venue different from typical large wedding venues. There won’t be room for hundreds of guests here, but that’s what gives the place an intimate and personal feel.

The inn’s surroundings, both outside and inside, seem perfectly suited to creating unforgettable memories. Every detail has been taken care of to provide a unique atmosphere and a beautiful backdrop for wedding photography. It is because of this atmosphere and environment that Ziebowka is one of the most desirable places to hold weddings in the Podhale region.

Number of people: up to 150


4. the Awra Inn


Awra Ciche
Awra Inn

Lately, it is the Avra Inn that has been winning the hearts of the couples I photograph – and for many reasons. This venue combines lighting, which is very rare in wooden venues and crucial when it comes to photos, with an authentic highland atmosphere, creating a space ideal for weddings and other celebrations.

This inn is located in the heart of the charming village of Ciche, where the beautiful mountain scenery is a natural decoration. The architecture of the inn draws on the traditions of the Podhale region, which makes every meeting extremely atmospheric. In addition, the Awra Inn has more than just event space to offer – guests can also take advantage of overnight accommodations, which is a great convenience, especially for those coming from afar.

Number of guests: up to 370


5. the Koziniec Inn

Black Mountain


This mountain inn, located just below the ski slope in Czarna Góra, impresses with its authentic regional character. I’m a fan of spaces where daylight spills freely and adds to the splendor of the interiors – and the Koziniec Inn certainly fits into this aesthetic. In its cozy venues you can enjoy perfectly prepared local cuisine that will satisfy even the most refined palates. What further enhances the attractiveness of this venue is the multitude of charming locations in the immediate vicinity, which are even made for unforgettable wedding day photo shoots. It is these elements that make the Koziniec Inn the ideal choice for couples who want their wedding to be filled with tradition and the beauty of nature.

Web address:

6. the Rusiński Inn

Bukowina Tatrzanska

Wedding in Bukovina

Located in the heart of a picturesque landscape, it is the perfect choice for those who dream of a wedding in a setting that will long be remembered. The excellent location provides easy access yet intimacy and contact with nature, while the tasty dishes pay homage to local culinary traditions.

Visitors are enthralled by the inn’s interiors – every corner tells a story of highland craftsmanship, from furniture made by local artists to hand-forged chandeliers that illuminate the space with a warm glow. The decorations refer to the rich tradition of highland feasts, which, combined with the hospitality of the hosts, creates an atmosphere that can only be found in this unique corner of Poland.

Number of guests: up to 350

Web address:

7. the Witowianka Inn


Witowianka Witów

Another inn in the list, which is located just below the ski lift.

A spacious and well-designed location that is not only conducive to photography, but creates the perfect conditions for celebrating unforgettable moments. Guests are sure to be in awe of both the taste of the food served here, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of the extensive grounds surrounding the inn, which provide space for relaxation and fun – the perfect place for adults to take a breather and the little ones to enjoy unlimited fun.

One of the strongest assets of this place is its dedicated and professional team. The inn’s staff will take care of every detail of your celebration, even the smallest,

Number of guests: up to 300

Web address:

8. gazdówka pod Lasem


Gazdówka pod Lasem

This time the inn, which was included in this list in part because of the environment around it. Located just at the entrance to the Koscieliska Valley, among fragrant coniferous trees. In terms of photography, I especially like the setting of the dance floor at the Gazdowka. Great photography there 🙂


9. highland manor


Wedding in Koscielisko

Góralski Dwór is a facility that guarantees its guests not only unforgettable views of the majestic Tatra Mountains, but also the opportunity to relax in the garden, where in the evening you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of the mountain landscape, taking a break from the energetic wedding rhythms.

It is a wedding venue with spacious interiors, decorated with care to preserve the local, highland character. The natural beauty of the place means that it doesn’t need excessive decoration – its authentic style alone creates a unique atmosphere.

When it comes to culinary matters, Highland Manor prides itself on its mastery of traditional, regional recipes – their chef has become famous for his talent for transforming local ingredients into works of culinary art that are sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Based on my own experience, I can confirm that the Highland Manor fulfills its promises – it is the place you can successfully choose to organize a unique celebration. For those who dream of a wedding in a mountain climate, the Highland Manor offers the perfect combination of beauty, tradition and taste, making it the perfect choice for this type of occasion.


10. the Harenda Inn


Harenda ZAkopane

Harenda is recognized by many for its ski slope, which is one of the attractive points on the map of Zakopane. But for the people of Podhale, this place has a much deeper meaning – it is synonymous with traditional celebrations, including authentic highland weddings.

The Harenda Inn stands out in this neighborhood as a place that teems with a truly highland atmosphere. This is an establishment where wooden architecture meets coziness and warmth, and the large amount of natural light entering the interiors adds a special character to the place. It is here, between the walls filled with the spirit of the mountains, that you can taste unique, traditional dishes that are not only tasty, but also prepared with love for Podhale recipes.

Karczma Harenda invites both lovers of mountain climates and those who would like to celebrate their important moments in an environment where local folklore and hospitality are still alive and appreciated. For couples planning a wedding to reflect the spirit of the Podhale region, this inn is sure to be a hit.

Number of guests: up to 350 people

Web address:

11. the Koliba Inn


Koliba Kluszkowce
Koliba Inn
Koliba Inn wedding

The Koliba Inn in Kluszkowce, located on the slope of the picturesque Wdżar Mountain, emerges as one of the places that peculiarly belongs on my list of recommended wedding venues. What attracts my attention as a photographer is not only the spectacular view spreading from its windows over three mountain ranges – the Gorce Mountains, the Pieniny Mountains and the majestic Tatra Mountains, but also the unique wooden interior maintained in a highland style, which exudes warmth and authenticity.

However, Koliba Inn is not a darkened place – on the contrary, its spaces are brimming with light, the result of large windows capturing every ray of sunlight. As a result, every corner of the place is perfectly illuminated, creating an atmosphere of lightness and spaciousness, while at the same time emphasizing the austere beauty of the highland architecture. It is undoubtedly a place that is conducive not only to the celebration of wedding moments, but also to exceptional photography – both traditional and those with a modern tinge.

Number of guests: more than 250 people

Web address: facebook

Wedding venues in Zakopane: wedding in the hotel

Zakopane, although not known for its typical wedding venues, attracts with its offer of hotels that are exceptionally friendly to couples deciding to organize a wedding reception in a mountain climate. Of course, the Podhale region is not only inns – it is also a wealth of hotel infrastructure, which is worth appreciating.

Speaking of hotels in Zakopane, I must emphasize their diversity and the possibilities they offer for wedding ceremonies. Whether you plan an intimate party or decide to have a big, lavish event, Zakopane hotels are ready to meet your expectations. They can be the perfect place to celebrate your special day, and their charming location and highland atmosphere only add extra charm to your wedding celebration.

Here I would like to share with you my personal list of the top hotels in Podhale that, in my experience, are extremely wedding-friendly. Each offers something unique, and their staff is extremely experienced and ready to help you realize your wedding dreams.

I invite you to discover the hotel pearls of Zakopane, where tradition meets luxury, and the professionalism of the staff guarantees that your wedding will go exactly as you planned. It is in these hotels that you will find the perfect combination of highland flair with the elegance and comfort that are so important on your wedding day. Zakopane and its hotels are waiting to become the setting for your special day.

12. hotel Bachledówka


Hotel Bachledówka
Bachledówka wedding
Bachledówka Sunset

Hotel Bachledówka, located in the picturesque village of Czerwienne on the peaks of the Bachledówka hill, deserves the highest praise. Its location offers guests spectacular views of the Tatra Mountains panorama, which are like living paintings that change depending on the time of day and year. It is an oasis of tranquility, ideal for both seekers of natural beauty and those who want to hold their weddings in an unforgettable place.

One of the key strengths of the Bachledówka Hotel is the ability to accommodate wedding guests, both on the day before and after the ceremony, ensuring full comfort and convenience. Over the years, as a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of documenting countless ceremonies at this hotel, and I can confidently say that the satisfaction of brides and grooms and their guests has always been boundless. The hotel’s staff demonstrates professionalism and commitment to ensure that each participant feels exceptional hospitality and attention to every detail, even the smallest.

The culinary experience at Hotel Bachledówka is a true feast for the palate. The fusion of the region’s traditional flavors with modern cooking techniques means that even the most sophisticated culinary tastes will be satisfied. From my photographic perspective, this hotel is also the place where it is the greatest pleasure to photograph – thanks to the perfectly matched decorations and natural lighting, which, combined with the Tatra landscape, creates a setting ideal for creating unforgettable images.

Hotel Bachledówka, with its potential and charming location, is a place that invites and inspires not only young couples, but also all those who want their special occasions to be celebrated in extraordinary style. It is here, surrounded by the majestic Tatra Mountains, that any wedding can be transformed into a fairy tale you will want to tell for years to come.

Number of guests: up to 250 people

Web address:

13. hotel Aries


Aries Zakopane

The Aries Hotel, located in the heart of Zakopane, has won my praise as one of the most unique places to perform a wedding reportage. Its interiors are a perfect blend of luxury with elements of traditional mountain design, including wooden details and the historic cable car that once transported tourists to Kasprowy Wierch. Its proximity to Krupowki adds an urban flair to the place, making it an excellent choice for couples seeking elegance in the center of Tatra culture.

One of the Aries Hotel’s greatest assets is the ability to hold a wedding ceremony directly on the premises, giving brides and grooms the chance to get married surrounded by luxurious amenities and a unique mountain climate. This convenience allows the couple and their guests to enjoy the ceremony and wedding reception without having to move between locations.

Web address:

14. hotel Logos


Hotel Logos ZAkopane
Logos Hotel

The Logos Hotel, located near the pulsating heart of Zakopane, is a true sanctuary of calm in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Working there as a photographer, I witnessed how time seems to pass more slowly, which is certainly due to the unique atmosphere of the hotel. The staff performs their work with extraordinary dedication, ensuring that every wedding guest finds satisfaction and joy in participating in the celebration.

The hotel’s picturesque garden attracts special attention – it’s a corner full of greenery and tranquility, which, together with the elegantly designed staircase, creates the perfect backdrop for romantic photos. These architectural elements, often underestimated, at the Logos Hotel gain their scenic value and become remarkable protagonists of wedding photography.

Number of guests: up to 150 people

Web address:

15. the Raddisson Hotel in Zakopane


Hotel Raddison ZAkopane

The hotel, located in the heart of Zakopane, boasts a sophisticated wedding venue that combines modernity with elegance. Interestingly – it is just a few steps away from the iconic Wielka Krokiew ski jump. The wedding venue at this hotel is distinguished by its thoughtful, contemporary design and elegant round tables that provide guests with comfort and freedom during the ceremony. This is the perfect place for couples looking for a classy wedding and reception venue in the center of a mountain resort.

Number of guests: up to 210 people

Web address:

16. borowy mansion


Borowy Dwór

Borowy Dwór, located in the picturesque village of Szaflary, not far from Terma Szaflary, is a unique place that guarantees not only an excellent wedding party, but also comfortable accommodation for guests before and after the ceremony. The wedding venue at Borowy Dwór impresses with its thoughtful design, which combines the warmth of traditional highland style with elegance and modernity. The harmonious combination of these two worlds creates a cozy, yet refined atmosphere that is sure to be appreciated by all participants in the celebration.

Anyone who visits Borowy Dwór can be sure that they will experience exceptional hospitality here and have the opportunity to savor the richness of flavors offered by the local cuisine. The spaces of this place are carefully designed so that everyone will find something for themselves here, whether they are looking for moments of relaxation or are ready for an all-night party. I assure you that Borowy Dwór is a venue that is memorable and makes every wedding an event full of joy and satisfaction.

Web address:

17. Gubalowka Residence


Gubalowka Residence

Gubalowka Residence is a jewel in the crown of Zakopane wedding venues. Located at the top of, perhaps, the most recognizable hill in Zakopane, Gubałówka. The property is distinguished by its unique location. There is an unobstructed, picturesque view of the Tatra Mountains, which is undoubtedly one of the main assets of the place.

The hallmark of the Gubalowka Residence is also its immediate vicinity with a charming wooden chapel, which seems to be the perfect place for a wedding ceremony. Being able to say “I do” to each other in such a magical setting adds even more romance to the place.

Not to be left out are the employees of the Gubalowka Residence – they take pride in providing an unforgettable experience for every couple. Their professionalism and commitment to weddings ensures that every moment is polished, and the bride and groom and guests are surrounded by the highest level of care. If you dream of a wedding in a place that combines the beauty of nature and excellent service, the Gubalowka Residence will rise to the occasion, providing a wedding that will be talked about long after the last dance.

Web address:

18. grand hotel **** Stamary


Stamary Zakopane

Located in the heart of Zakopane, it exudes elegance and is a unique venue, ideal for hosting a wedding that will always be remembered. Its interiors, decorated in a classic style and located within a historic building full of character, create the perfect backdrop for the celebration of such an important event as a wedding ceremony.

At the Grand Hotel Stamary, every detail has been taken care of with guests’ comfort in mind, and the elegance of the interiors combined with the unusual architecture creates an atmosphere that is both luxurious and cozy. Qualified staff, who have extensive experience in the organization, implementation and service of wedding receptions, guarantees that every moment of your wedding will run smoothly and without any disruption.

By choosing the Grand Hotel Stamary as your wedding venue, you can be sure that your dreams will be realized with the utmost care, and your wedding will become an event that is not only beautiful, but also extremely refined.


Wedding in the mountains – wedding venues in Podhale

Moving on to another category of places ideal for weddings, we must mention the restaurants that offer their spaces for these romantic events. My experience as a photographer at these venues was extremely positive, not only because of their beautifully decorated rooms, but also because of the extraordinary atmosphere I found there.

Restaurants in Podhale are characterized by a unique charm, combining tradition with modernity, which creates the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. These spacious venues are warm and welcoming, and their decor often reflects the regional character. They offer spaces that perfectly blend joy and celebration, making every wedding an unforgettable event.

In preparing this compilation, I refer to numerous memories from my work, where guests’ smiles, dancing and laughter created the scenery I could capture with my lens. The atmosphere created by the people gathered at the wedding is as important as the venue, and restaurants in Podhale have this unique ability to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

So, I invite you to read my recommendations of restaurants in Podhale, which, in my opinion, are the perfect choice for a wedding celebration. These are places where every detail is taken care of, and the staff always strives to make the young couple’s dreams come true, ensuring that the wedding will be a special event and the memories of it will live on for years to come.

19. lithworowy Pond

Bialka Tatrzanska

Litvorovy Pond

Litworowy Staw Restaurant and Hotel, located in charming Bialka Tatrzanska, is a place where tradition meets modernity in an elegant, thoughtful arrangement. Designed with attention to detail, the interiors, full of natural light, create a space that will satisfy even those guests who are used to the highest standards.

It’s a place where every element of the interior – from the delicate lighting to the carefully selected decorations – works together to create an atmosphere that is both refined and cozy. In particular, I would like to emphasize the quality of service – the team at Litworowy Pond are professionals who are passionate about every task to provide guests with an experience beyond normal expectations.

The culinary aspect of staying at this hotel cannot be overlooked either. It is here that you can immerse yourself in the flavors of highland cuisine, discovering new flavor compositions that are created with the utmost care. At the same time, there will be no shortage of opportunities to enjoy well-known, classic dishes that are prepared according to traditional recipes, always fresh and full of flavor.

The Litvorowy Staw Hotel is therefore a place that is sure to meet the expectations of those who are looking for a place with soul, where every aspect of the stay is pampered and every meal becomes a celebration of local cuisine.

Number of people: approx. 300

Web address:

20. land of taste


Kraina Smaku Zakopane

The name “Land of Taste” promises a culinary experience, and it must be said that this promise is more than fulfilled. The venue invites wedding guests to a true feast for the senses, where every dish is a unique experience. Integrated into the hotel, the spacious wedding venues offers excellent conditions for both large and intimate receptions.

For those who dream of a grand wedding, the main hall captivates with its thoughtful decor, creating an atmosphere of luxury and elegance. Smaller parties, on the other hand, will find their ideal venue in the Kryjówka restaurant, where the coziness and warmth created by the elaborate decorations and unique lighting foster an intimate atmosphere of celebration.

The surroundings of the wedding hall are equally impressive – a beautifully landscaped garden with a gazebo provides the perfect backdrop for moments such as the cutting of the wedding cake, and can also serve as an outdoor setting for extraordinary photographs. It is a place where not only exceptional dishes, but the whole environment and atmosphere make the wedding in the Land of Taste an unforgettable event, which remains in the memory of all guests for a long time.

Web address:

I hope that through my recommendations you have had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the variety of wedding halls available in Zakopane and its picturesque surroundings. However, it is worth remembering that the places I have presented are suggestions based on personal experience and preferences, and the final choice is yours. I warmly greet you and look forward to participating in your special day!

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