Karczma Tatrzański Bór

Karczma Tatrzański Bór – the wedding of Kasia and Przemek

When we think about the perfect place for a wedding and reception, we often dream of a backdrop full of charm, in the heart of nature. The surroundings of the Karczma Tatrzanski Bór is just such a place, which attracts not only with its location, but also with its highland tradition and culture. Weddings held there are exceptional, and as an example we can mention the wedding of Kasia and Przemek, which has become one of the events of the year in my personal calendar 🙂

Photographer Zakopane

Special moments deserve special places. Kasia and Przemek decided to celebrate their big day at the Karczma Tatrzański Bór . Knowing highland traditions and having a deep respect for the culture of the region, they decided to have a highland-style wedding. This event was one that will remain in their memories forever. I had the honor of capturing these moments, I recall them as some of the best of the past year 🙂 I pay special attention to the extremely warm contact with the bride and groom and the perfect conditions for photography that the Tatra Forest offered.

Highland wedding

It wasn’t just the location that made this wedding special. Deciding on a traditional highland wedding, Kasia and Przemek introduced many elements characteristic of that culture. Guests enjoyed highlander costumes, traditional dances and, of course, live music. The wedding also featured horse-drawn carriages, questioners and a traditional cepca. All this created an amazing, authentic atmosphere.

Plein air on the wedding day

The outdoor wedding ceremony on the wedding day has become a strong tradition in southern Poland in recent years. Surrounded by the Tatra Forest, I had the opportunity to create unforgettable shots. The magnificent backdrop offered by the Tatra Mountains is an undoubted treasure for anyone who wants to immortalize this special day. For Kasia and Przemek, the wedding photoshoot was as important as the traditional wedding dinner. The time spent outdoors, surrounded by the mountains, allowed for some respite and relaxation on this busy day.

Karczma Tatrzański Bór – more than a place for a wedding reception

When the Karczma Tatrzański Bór becomes a wedding venue, the bride and groom get not only a perfect backdrop for photos, but also professional service and an inn that serves traditional highland food. This spot in a picturesque corner of Poland offers excellent conditions for anyone who wants to celebrate their wedding in a unique way.

Many people and companies are responsible for organizing such a special day. From the innkeeper to the musicians to the photographer, everyone has a hand in making the wedding a success. Kasia and Przemek used the services of many professionals who managed to bring a unique atmosphere to the day. They were:

Karczma Tatrzański Bór

Janusz Tycner – In one of the first photos you will see a bottle with a drawing. The author of these excellent drawings is Mr. Janusz Tycner.

Florist “Żabcia”

Joanna Galica-Dorula Embroidery Artist

Wedding Dress Salon Ludźmierz

Ignacy Polanski Bakery Confectionery

https://www.instagram.com/ohcookie_by_magdalen/ – cake production

Sunset Advertising Agency


LolaCzesze- hairdressing services

Ewelina Greczek MakeUp

Anima- entertainer for children in Podhale


Where to find the perfect place for a wedding in the Tatra Mountains?

Karczma Tatrzański Bór is one of the most desirable places for a wedding in the Tatras, but the region offers many other equally picturesque locations. Whether you are looking for a place in Zakopane, Male Ciche or other corners of the Tatra Mountains, you can be sure to find something special.

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