Impresja Jordanów – wedding and reception of Aga and Michael

Agnes and Michael’s wedding was one of the most beautiful events I had the opportunity to capture as a wedding photographer in the past wedding season. It was a day full of joy, emotions and unforgettable moments that will always remain in the memory of the bride and groom and their loved ones.

My job was to capture all these moments in reportage style. Reportage photography is a way of telling a story, focusing on authentic and spontaneous moments that appear naturally, without interference or poses set up. As a result, I was able to capture the true love story of Agnes and Michael, documenting their emotions, smiles and emotion from that special day.

I was present in the background the entire time, observing and documenting the interactions between family members, friends and the bride and groom. From the exchange of vows to the touching first dance, every important detail was captured unobtrusively but with attention to detail. It was an unforgettable day that will remain in the memory of all participants for a long time.

Agnes looked extremely radiant in her wedding dress, and Michal could not take his eyes off her. I was sure that these moments would be unforgettable for them, so I tried my best (and probably succeeded :)) to capture their love and happiness in photos. Their smiles during their first dance as newlyweds were priceless and made the whole room full of warmth and joy.

The wedding session I had the pleasure of doing after dark in the garden next to the hall was magical and romantic. The whole place was beautifully illuminated, creating an amazing atmosphere. At the beginning of the evening, as dusk fell, delicate lights scattered throughout the garden began to light up, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere. Warm light gently illuminated the space, giving it a romantic feel. The bride and groom, dressed in elegant attire, were illuminated by the soft light of the lamps. Their smiles and mutual love were even more evident with this beautiful lighting. The photos I managed to take captured all the magic of the moment. The wedding session after dark in the garden at the Impresja hall in Jordanów was unique. Beautiful lighting created an amazing atmosphere of romance and magic. It was a moment the bride and groom will remember for years to come, and I had the pleasure of capturing it in photographs.

The whole event was extremely beautiful and full of emotions, and I had the pleasure of being part of this special day. With years of experience as a wedding photographer, I have a trained eye for finding the perfect angles and lighting to create stunning and timeless images. Agnes and Michael’s wedding reportage reflects my commitment to providing high quality and heartfelt photography. I strive to capture real emotions and create a visual narrative that will be treasured for many generations.

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding in the Zakopane or Nowy Targ region, it would be my pleasure to capture your special day. From reportage style photography to breathtaking outdoor shots, I will work closely with you to make sure your wedding memories are captured beautifully and authentically.

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